Calvin Tielman.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Coming from Loma Linda, CA, I grew up immersed in a health-conscious environment. When it comes to physical health, I believe that the two most important aspects are diet and exercise and as a young adult, I began implementing healthy lifestyle choices into my daily life. When I noticed the positive impact of my own physical well-being, I felt compelled to understand health more in depth and I felt the push towards physical therapy, after taking Anatomy and Physiology courses. After speaking to friends and family about their experiences in physical therapy, I imagined a way that I would be able to combine the two worlds of service and fitness into an awesome career path. I graduated with my A.A from Loma Linda University and obtained my license as a Physical Therapist Assistant. After joining Kinematics, I never looked back! I enjoy each day treating patients and bonding with people in the KPT family.

Calvin Tieman