Pelvic Health.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles found at the base of the pelvis. They provide support to the pelvic organs in males and females; playing a role in functions such as bladder/bowel control and sexual function. Changes in their function and strength can contribute to Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, such as urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain. This can be from trauma, post-pelvic surgery, post-child birth, overuse, stress, or chronic inflammatory conditions.


  1. Pelvic dysfunction
  2. Urinary incontinence
  3. Chronic pelvic pain (CPP)
  4. Pelvic organ prolapse

Treatment to include:

  1. Internal/external examination
  2. Patient education
  3. Neuro re-education
  4. Therapeutic exercise
  5. Manual therapy
  6. Therapeutic activities
  7. Instruction in self-care
  8. Recommendations for relevant modalities