Local High School / Club Sports.

It is our pleasure to serve the athletic population in our community!

We are extremely excited to support our local teams both financially and with our volunteer work. It is our goal to establish a high level of medical services for our local athletes that will inspire not only optimal health but the profession of sports medicine.

We are affiliated with many of the local high schools including Eleanor Roosevelt, Norco, Centennial, Ontario Christian, and others in the Corona-Norco school district.  We have great working relationships with the athletic trainers, coaches, and athletic directors to ensure continuity of care and open communication for our athletes.

We are also affiliated with the Legends FC, operating out of Silverlakes in Norco and Arsenal FC out of Ontario. We provide sideline medical coverage for the events there and contract athletic trainers to make sure the activities are appropriately staffed.

We know our audience. Many of the teams in our area are D1 level, competitive, and the athletes show promise and potential in which college sports is a real possibility for them. We understand how important it is to keep them healthy for the season as well as for the long term, big picture for college and beyond.

Now is the time to begin correcting faulty mechanics that can limit their potential. If they are injured, we can help get them through their season, responsibly.

Whether it’s Friday night lights, weekend soccer club tournaments, Inland Empire All Star basketball and football games, it is a joy to serve the next generation of great athletes in our area!