Ballers are a different breed. You live, breathe and dream your sport… and you want to get back.

At Kinematics we work HARD to make sure that your exercises are as specific to your sport as possible. We are always incorporating skill work into the activities you do here – making sure you keep your handles while recovering.

Regardless of the injury, we ensure that you get back to jumping, cutting, sprinting and shooting like never before. We emphasize landing mechanics and deceleration to better equip you for the demands placed on you by the sport.

If you were dealt a devastating blow and now have to undergo ACL reconstruction or any other serious injury, let us help you. Your season may be over but your career doesn’t have to be. Whether you have acute, chronic, or recurring ankle sprains, jumper’s knee or tendinitis, wrist sprains or strains, low back pain, we have your remedy.