Myofascial Decompression/Cupping.

Myofascial Decompression (MFD), commonly known as “Cupping”, has been used in many traditional cultures for thousands of years, including ancient Chinese medicine, early Egyptians, Native Americans, and others. These ancient cultures used hollowed-out animal horns, bones, bamboo, nuts, seashells, gourds, or iron and glass for their treatment of common ailments. Today, a pneumatic pump is used to place plastic vacuum cups on the skin to release the fascia, layers of tissue and muscle underneath.

We utilize MFD as part of a comprehensive program to improve neuromuscular coordination as well as mobility. MFD taps into the nervous system, allowing us to reeducate and retrain the brain and body and eliminate faulty movement patterns which are at the heart of injuries, chronic pain, and impaired performance. In practice, MFD is an active form of soft tissue work where the tissue is first decompressed, then active and passive movement of that specific muscle group is performed, effectively mobilizing myofascial adherence, achieving immediate results for mobility and neuromuscular reeducation. Myofascial decompression is useful for the treatment of chronic overuse injuries such as bursitis, tendinitis, tendonalgia, and other myofascial pain syndromes (low back, mid back, neck pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, etc.) and many other orthopaedic concerns.

Kinematics has several therapists on staff trained and certified in MFD/Cupping treatments.

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