Norco, CA Physical Therapists

About us.

Kinematics physical therapy’s primary reason for establishing our physical therapy clinic was to reach out to the community and give care to the hurting, and to heal its residents. Our greatest asset in establishing a clinic in the Norco area is to genuinely serve the people and be a proactive dynamic entity that will be able to accommodate for the city. Norco prides itself with community which is deeply rooted in religion, sports, and giving back as to be an interdependent community. The opportunity to provide service and care to the city is not only a privilege, but a mission to give back to the people who have supported it. With that said our service will begin the moment a new patient opens our door.

We will provide an immediate and positive response to each person entering whether it is their first or last visit. We will be providing educational and screening services to the community free of charge. Services provided will include health screenings, monthly health courses, sports venue coverage, and fundraising. We look forward to partnering with the chamber of commerce, local school and club based athletics programs, and participating in community venues. From the bottom of our hearts welcome to Kinematics Physical Therapy and we look forward to meeting you.

Physical Therapy Norco