Baseball / Softball.

Peanuts, popcorn, sunflower seeds and throwing mechanics! Nothing makes us happier than our baseball players, as their sport is so rich in biomechanical errors that, without correction, can literally alter the stat sheets. We have had the privilege to work with major leaguers down to rec and travel ball players in building and maintaining their baseball careers. We approach each player, or injury, focused on the demands of that player’s position and their full return. A two second catcher and a 90mph fastball mean a world of difference to us in differential functional diagnosis and program creation. These athletes commonly injure their shoulders and elbows as a result of poor core, hip, shoulder strength and coordination, so we most assuredly, start treatment with fundamentals. We design programs to address the underlying mechanical errors to correct the fault mechanics. Our evaluation includes, if able, throwing mechanics, filming and feedback, scapular coordination, core and hip strength for power development, flexibility etc. and ultimately will conclude with on-site throwing and hitting programs before return to full activity.

Common injuries that we see in this population include shoulder labrum irritation, SICK Scap syndrome, medial elbow pain, UCL injuries, little league elbow, ulnar nerve subluxation, fractures, low back pain, knee pain. However, we won’t manage the yips.