RockBlades is a form of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization – or IASTM. Also referred to as Myofascial release, this form of should not be confused with Scraping, another form IASTM pioneered by the Graston Technique, although, they share similar principles.

Rockblades are a set of tools that we use to break down adhesions between the different layers of tissue or “fascia”. Despite what some people have experienced or assume this treatment is not painful at all. Unskilled practitioners often use this modality too aggressively and negate the true purpose of the IASTM.

By breaking down these adhesions we can help improve mobility. Not only can we improve mobility by physically breaking down these barriers, but also by tapping into the nervous system. By stimulating the fascia by either up regulating (exciting) or down regulating (inhibiting) the nervous system we can achieve the desired results.

Please ask one of our professional staff about a trial Rockblade treatment on your next visit to improve your quality of movement.