Collegiate / Professional Athletes.

At Kinematics we have had the opportunity to work with elite athletes at the collegiate and professional levels including: WNBA, MLB, NFL, NWSL, MASL, EPSL, NCAA, NAIA.

We understand the need for professional athletes to receive care aside from that which is provided by their organization. With that said, we provide specific, individualized treatment compiled with the kind of care and dedication to detail that you put in to your sport. Our treatments are designed to promote your recovery, health, and well-being outside of the influence or agenda of the professional organization. Appointment times are reserved for professional athletes at non-peak hours to ensure the highest quality of care. Our discretion and focused care are real value-added services for our clients.

For many, injuries can be a devastating blow to the season, but we can show you a responsible path to recovery. With the elite level of attention and consideration that athletes of high caliber should expect, we provide comprehensive programs to restore functional capacity and improve performance.