Sports Performance.

In this specialty area of physical therapy it is difficult to find, but extremely necessary in the proper rehabilitation of the athletic population. A lot of clinics claim to do “Sports PT” but fall very short of the evaluative skills, applied Kinesiology, objective and research-based progressions, multi-discipline medical model and sport specific knowledge necessary to carry out efficient physical therapy for elite athletes.

Here at Kinematics we rehabilitate a range of athletes from recreational and weekend warriors to elite professionals on a regular basis. Some of our staff has been to the big leagues themselves, the majority of our staff has played at least the collegiate level, and worked in the professional medical model.

The education taken by the professional staff, via professional board certifications and continuing education, focuses on sport. More specifically, position-specific physical demands and tasks required by each athlete. For instance, the demands of a lineman compared to a wide receiver, or a pitcher’s needs versus an outfielder, are drastically different and if not specifically treated, will leave a void in their game.

Before each athlete leaves Kinematics with our “stamp of approval” they have to pass their respective sport/position-specific functional testing to qualify for return to play. We also communicate directly with coaches, trainers, doctors, etc. during your process here to make sure that the whole team is on board with the athlete’s status.