Body Builders / Personal Trainers.

This is the most unique population that we love taking on, as these are the well-informed and well-conditioned…. but we all know that EVERYBODY breaks down! A lot of practitioners are intimidated by this population, but we actually embrace being able to dig into new depths of information and the minutia that may be holding a competitor or trainer from their lifting or composition goals. Dr. Fujita himself has trained and competed in physique, and has worked with a number of personal trainers, as he was a trainer himself.  Both Dr. Fujita and our Physical therapist assistant, Cassie have their undergraduate degrees in kinesiology and are currently pursuing their strength and conditioning certifications (CSCS).

After base evaluation is completed to employ any functional diagnoses, we dig in to the nerdy biomechanics of lifting techniques and the contribution of their fault mechanics to their diagnosis. Just like with our professional athletes, it is the smallest piece of the puzzle that needs to be pulled out, polished and put back in to get the machine working optimally again.

Common injuries with this population are anterior and posterior shoulder pain/dysfunction limiting lift strength, low back pain secondary to tightness or compensation, core and small muscle coordination, endurance and strength, general tightness and inflexibility.