Football / Rugby.

We have been honored to provide sideline coverage for high school football and rugby since the beginning of Kinematics. Our evaluations, treatments and recovery are position specific, and while healing from a Friday night injury, we’re actively working on the player as a whole. The amount of stress that is placed on these young men and women’s bodies during the season is tremendous, especially due to the high level of competition that we house here in the Inland Empire.

We have worked hard to create an open relationship with all of the local coaches, doctors, athletic trainers, strength coaches and athletic directors to create a Professional Medical Model for these athletes. If you happen to sustain an injury, we create an open line of communication with the players family, athletic trainer and coach so that everyone is “in the know” during the rehabilitation process. Before leaving our clinic, a position specific functional test will be administered and cleared for return to play, pending results, and communicated within the medical thread.

Common injuries that we see from football are both trauma and mechanical (ie: weight lifting) errors that we identify and treat. We work with the schools’ athletic trainers and local doctors for objective and responsible concussion management and return to play.