Fighting Sports.

What an amazing opportunity to work with not only athletes, but warriors. We are very accustomed to working with boxers, wrestlers, mixed martial artists, tae kwon do and the list can go on forever. This is an area where your standard physical therapist will just miss the vital areas to assess and rehabilitate specifically to the physical demands of fighting sports. Dr. Fujita’s specific background is with boxing, but through time has adopted the love for working with high demand athletes. Each fighting sport brings its own unique challenges that will be taken into account with each fighter’s rehabilitation process and implemented strategically based on the injury. Upon completion of the rehabilitation each fighter will be required to complete a functional assessment, which will include mitt or pad work, foot work and general load and stability before receiving release back to their respective gyms or dojos.

Common injuries for this include…well…anything! Come on in and we’ll grapple or spar with your pain!